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Our Story

Simple.  Reliable. Professional.


Give Yourself The Peace Of Mind Knowing:


Poi Dog SF is a licensed, insured, and bonded dog walking company.  Your dog will be getting the exercise, stimulation, and fresh air necessary to maintain good health, and develop proper social skills in a safe and fun environment.  


A regular professional walk helps to release excess energy in your pup, resulting in calmer behavior at home.  A consistent routine of walks, allows your dog to be a dog and less likely to develop bad habits at home.


Your dog won’t be stressed or lonely by your absence, but will benefit from the physical exercise and will be happy to have the companionship of a professional walker which will give him something to look forward to.  This can also relieve anxiety and prevent destructive behaviors.


You won’t return home to find “presents” throughout the house because your dog isn’t making it through the day.

Your dog will be happy, healthy, and safe when you return home.  Happy dog.  Happy parent.

Dog Walking Services

Maurice J.


Owner and Dog Walker


“My dog Elroy has been in the care of Poi Dog SF for the last 3 months and it has been a great experience. Maurice has been a true professional who genuinely cares about what he does.”


K. Manalang, San Mateo

A transplant from Oahu Hawaii, I left my career in the Visitor industry sharing our rich culture and history, giving tours, and transporting, and entertaining travelers from around the world to experience the beauty of our island paradise in Honolulu.  I moved to the Peninsula area to launch a dog walking service by the encouragement and endless support of family members already living here, who are also successful walkers and now fellow colleagues.  Pets and animals were a big part our culture being raised in the islands.  Through those memories of my own four legged furry friends that truly became part of our family, it has developed into my inspiration to work with and have the opportunity to enrich my life by these wonderful canine creatures, to enjoy working outdoors, and to call myself “boss”.

If you are the working parents of a pup in need of a great companion while you’re on the clock, running errands, or out of town on business.  I would be very privileged to share some “Aloha” with your furry family member.  They’ll get some exercise, fresh air, stretch those doggie legs, or get some relief!!

“It has been so simple and easy working with Maurice. I am happy to have found someone we can count on.”


S. Silva, Burlingame

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